Friday, July 24, 2015

Personal Testimony from Affected Staff For the Consideration of the People’s Tribunal

The following summary of the Business Improvement Plan's effects on a sample of University of Melbourne staff was read to the Tribunal by a member of counsel:

Personal Testimony from Affected Staff For the Consideration of the People’s Tribunal

The following document collates the personal testimony of 10 Professional Staff of the University of Melbourne affected by the recent ‘Business Improvement Plan’.

This is not a unified or comprehensive collection, nor could it possibly attempt to represent the 1000 plus staff affected by this process. Rather the following citations from the personal testimonies received simply aim to give voice to staff affected and to bear witness to the psychological, emotional and financial effects endured by these staff: to make local, personal and real the otherwise abstract process of ‘BIP’.

The following testimonies were collected from staff from various Faculties and with a breadth of experience at the University, ranging from 4 to 37 years of service.